Thursday, 17 October 2013

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1.) I haven't got my 2 months payment form these guys,when 1st i asked my AM kelvin about my Payment he told me that they have send my revenue and it will take 6 weeks to reach India,i have mail him my W8 form and asked about my payment he told that they have send my revenue by mail,when i spoke to scott about it he told me that it does not take this much time. I have requested him to see and let me know about the updates. After a period of 20-25 days when i dint got my earnings i stopped promoting there offer and again asked them about my revenue. I was really disappointed.After a long period of time when i m sick and tired of waiting and again asked about my earnings,I have stopped promoting the offer when they were delaying my payment 3-4 days later these guys have terminated my account. I have worked for a period of 2 months with this network and my total earnings was more that $1000 and they have not payed me a single $$ since then. When my earning were more than $1000 they terminated my account when i asked to pay me back.!!!!! I am attaching the snapshots of all the conversation with kelvin and scott and my earnings as well.

2.) When i 1st asked about my payment,i got reply from Kelvin.

3.) When i asked Scott and Kelvin about my earnings on Skype they said that they have send my revenue.

4.) In previous snapshots you can clearly see that they have send me my earnings which i still dint't got. And when again i asked them about my earnings and have stopped promoting there offer i got mail from Scott in which they started giving new excuses about my traffic. And i have already told my AM Kelvin about change of my address. And have given my ID Proof(TAX ID) and information required for wiring. If there is any problem with the traffic then within 1 week the network will come to know about it,if they were having any problem with my traffic they should have blocked my account after 2-3 days when i have started promoting there offers,but i my case i have promoted there offer for more than 2 months and at the time of my payment when my earnings was more than $1000 these guys are giving me such lame excuses.

Here's the snapshot of my website's September moth's traffic

I thought that Never blue is a very good network and is has a very good rating's but i don't know why these guys are doing like this. !st they said that they have send my earnings and after a month they are saying that they have problem with my traffic and all and will not send my revenue. If they were not willing to pay me my revenue and were having any problem with my traffic as they are saying now then why they have allowed me to promote there offer for more than 2 month's and said that they have send my earnings. I have send them so many mails but they are not replying me back.

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